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Consumers trust healthcare professionals more than anyone . . .


76% of consumers put trust specifically in registered dietitians.

90% of consumer decisions are based on recommendations from someone they trust.


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Dietitian Partnerships & Sponsorships

Dietitian Partnerships & Sponsorships


Dietitian Outreach & Ambassador Programs

Dietitian Outreach & Ambassador Programs


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Seven Sundays Muesli
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Over Delivers!

Jenna is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, personable, and always over delivers! She is quick to answer questions, always up for new challenges, and is a great sounding board. We absolutely love working with her!

Austin Masuoka, Senior Marketing Manager, Simple Mills

Makes the Most of Your Marketing Dollars

We love working with Jenna! She is insanely organized, professional, well connected and respected. Gorham Consulting is one of the very few outside marketing firms we have used that gets it immediately and will make the most of your precious marketing dollars.

Hannah Barnstable, Founder, Seven Sundays Muesli

Best Decision Our Company Has Made

Working with Jenna has been one of the best decisions our company has made. She has helped us create a top-notch, responsive social media presence, and her outreach to dietitians has been key in introducing our flaxseed products to consumers and retailers alike. Jenna’s passion for food and nutrition make her a great asset to our team. We are thrilled with the work she has done and could not recommend her more.

Julie Faber, Co-Founder, Manitoba Milling Co.

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