Brands: Why you may want to consider RD partnerships year-round…

We know that RDs can help you reach various marketing goals like driving product trial, increasing brand awareness, earning credibility, building trust, supporting key retailers, and more (learn more here: Let RDs Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals in 2021). 

And we love seeing our Link brands hit their various goals and KPIs when working with RDs. But let’s be honest, KPIs and goals aren’t just a one-off effort, it’s a year-round affair!

Let’s dive in further.

More well-rounded campaigns

Our brands find that by partnering with different dietitians that their marketing campaigns are better thought out and more well-rounded.

If you partner with RDs during the inception of your campaign they can help with campaign messaging; identifying compelling talking points to highlight in various communications touchpoints; and even offer different initiatives depending on your campaign goals. 

Dietitians, whether on social, on TV, or in person add a level of credibility and trust to your messaging and product with their endorsement.

Scenario #1

Okay, so here’s a quick scenario: You have a retailer meeting coming up, are trying to sell in a new product, and are trying to prevent an existing SKU from being discontinued. You need product support and you need it fast!

Another benefit of working with dietitians year-round is that depending on the RD and the ask, their efforts often have a shorter lead time than other longer lead shopper marketing initiatives.

Plus, many Link RDs also work at various retailers, so if they align with your retailer you could work directly with the store RDs to help amp up support quickly or brainstorm ideas on support ideas to bring to your retailer buyers.

Scenario #2

Product or brand support isn’t something that comes and goes. There are always products and brand messaging that need attention with various initiatives and tactics. Having a team of dietitians that you can access annually at all times with various specialties, connections, and audiences means that in your high activity campaign times, in the in-between times, and in the hurry-up we need support times, you have a credible, trusted, experienced, and diverse group of nutrition professionals that you can access at the drop of a Link message! What’s more, is that this team drives RESULTS!

These results are seen through various partnerships and efforts deployed throughout the year. Our Link brands also find a lot of value in using different types of dietitians for omni-channel marketing

For example, for a new year push, you can partner with private practice dietitians to share samples of your product to their audiences who are feeling energized by the new year in key markets of the country that those products are available. During key months that align with your product tenets you could work with various influencer dietitians to get social support during Heart Health Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, or Celiac Awareness Month. During back to school, you may partner with retail dietitians to give those grab-and-go snacks some extra love and samples available for kids in-store. Finally, during the holidays, partnering with media dietitians to give holiday recipe inspo tutorials and festive segments can drive huge brand awareness!

Not only can our Link RD network help with different marketing needs, but they can offer support throughout all the seasons of product support that happen throughout the year

Choosing Year-Round RD Support

When choosing your Link subscription, we have a few different options. Either a month-to-month plan or an annual plan for brands that want year-round RD access, support, and partnerships. Aside from marketing, our brands have found that working with RDs not only helps their marketing KPIs, but also has helped with distribution and R&D efforts too. 

Have more questions, want to talk through different scenarios, or want to try out Link, drop us an email (hello @ therdlink.com) or schedule a demo and let’s chat!

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