FOR BRANDS: In a Time of Uncertainty, Build Trust with Your Customers

While 2020 has thrown one curveball after another, we’ve somehow made it through to talk about it! (Remember Tiger King and the sourdough trend?)

Heading into 2021 still amidst a pandemic you may be feeling a bit uncertain about what’s to come or unsure of how exactly or how much to plan and commit to.

While there are some things you can’t control, there are plenty of others you can – including your relationship with your customer.

Going into this uncertain new year, we want to help you see the opportunity for growth.

People buy from people they trust. And repeat purchases go to trusted brands. To really grow and go big – a trusted brand goes a long way (think brands like Yeti or Toyota or KIND). The key here is not only building trust but building a brand. We believe in the power of brand marketing to add value, build community, and build trust with your consumer to earn repeat business.

So let’s go back to the basics, aside from creating a killer product that solves a problem – how can you build trust with your consumers to build your brand and earn customer loyalty. 

Here are 7 ways that we at GCG and many of the brands we work with have found to build trus

7 Things you Can Do to Build Trust with Your Consumer:

Testimonials and Reviews

Offer honest feedback from people your customer can relate to

Case Studies

Speak to your customer’s pain points and show just how your product helped someone like them

Celebrity or EXPERT Endorsements 

Any brand (that can afford it) can work with celebrities. But only truly healthy and health-driven health and wellness brands can align their brand with health and wellness experts, like registered dietitians. In our opinion, this is the quickest way to earn credibility and build trust among consumers.

90% of consumer decisions are based on recommendations from someone they trust – who better than a doctor or nutrition expert? Did you know that 76% of consumers put trust specifically in registered dietitians (IFIC Food and Health Survey).

Nutrition experts range the spectrum of the nutrition field and can reach all segments of your consumer audience – from moms and kids to athletes and more. They specialize in gut health, functional medicine, and much more and can reach your target consumer in nearly every way imaginable: podcasts, webinars, counseling sessions and events, social media, traditional media, in-store, blogs, and more.

‘Featured In…’

Showcasing names of publications and PR mentions gives you credibility and shows potential customers you must know what you’re doing. Knowing what you are doing = TRUST.

Seals of Approval 

From Certified B Corp and Certified Vegan to smaller symbols like ‘Powered by Stripe’ or a list of the credit cards you accept subtly builds trust with the consumer.

Company Mission and Values

Displaying your mission, back story, and values builds trust with the consumer by relating to them and aligning with their values.

Promises and Guarantees

From cleaning equipment to ensure no cross-contamination to 30-day money back guarantees – they both build trust with consumers. You have their back and want them to be healthy and satisfied in their experience with your brand.

Despite the uncertainty of 2021, there are still things you have control over. You CAN, in fact, build trust with your audience and it can start today. We’ve found that the quickest way to authentic credibility for health and wellness companies is through dietitian outreach and partnerships. 

The easiest way to get started finding and connecting with true nutrition experts is, of course, by creating an account on LINK. LINK is a digital platform unlike any other, giving you access to hundreds of nutrition experts across the US and Canada with industries and specialties that range the field. You’ll find RD writers, content creators, media experts, and more. Not only will you find nutrition experts, you’ll find the right experts for your brand and target audience.

And just when you thought sampling was cancelled… think again. RDs can post their product sampling and partnership opportunities for brands like you to seek out. 

Unlike traditional influencer platforms that focus on quantity over quality, at LINK we vet each expert who onboards onto the site. We focus on quality and strategic partnerships for quicker and more targeted results.

How are you building trust with your consumers in 2021?

Create an account today at therdlink.com.

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