For Brands: How COVID-19 has Affected Dietitians

Covid-19 has affected businesses nationwide. When speaking with brand partners, many have been asking how the current circumstances and changes in the economy have affected dietitians.

Are they still interested in connecting with brands and recommending products? Are they still working with patients and consumers or have many been laid off?

We surveyed our audience of dietitians to see just how the pandemic has affected the field.

Despite the changes and uncertainty, dietitians are still present and actively supporting their patients and audiences.

You won’t be surprised to hear that dietitians are becoming more and more visible online.

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Nearly 85% of RDs surveyed said their clients are currently looking for information about products they should be buying right now.

Private practice dietitians are moving their counseling sessions online.

Nearly 65% have moved their practices online and are still meeting with clients virtually via telehealth.

In-person nutrition events are moving online.

Conferences have been digitized, community events are turning into webinars, Facebook lives, and IGTV. RDs are asking how they can share their favorite brands online.

RDs may be slow to immediately schedule events once restrictions lift but many are still asking for samples to share with their patients and communities. Recently we’ve shared product donations with RDs to share with their grocery store employees to boost morale; RDs who are volunteering with Meals on Wheels, food banks, and womens’ shelters; and RDs who work in doctor’s offices to share with patients.

RDs are more engaged and visible on social media.

We’re seeing more posts, recipes, and virtual cooking demos. RD bloggers report seeing huge increases in blog traffic since March.

Nearly 75% of RDs surveyed are now focusing on sharing information and recommendations via social media.

Media dietitians are transitioning to live Skype interviews or at-home pre-recorded tv segments.

I’m very impressed with how these are turning out. Many media dietitians have professional camera equipment and these segments are turning out great. Take a look at this home segment we did with Tawnie Kroll and Enlightened Ice Cream.

Inpatient RDs are busier than ever.

Dietitians are still working in doctors’ offices, clinics, long term care centers, and hospitals. Many are busier than ever and are doing their best to pull together resources for their patients.

Retail RDs are also staying visible.

Dietitians in grocery stores traditionally have a variety of roles. They host grocery store tours, cooking demos, offer counseling sessions to customers, provide printed education and resources, and much more. While some are still working in-store and others are working remotely, they are still doing what they can to stay visible and continue educating their customers. Take a look at the Coborn’s Facebook page videos to see.

More survey highlights…

We asked survey respondents, during this time, how do you want to connect with brands? The good news is, no one responded that they don’t want to connect with brands at this time.

Take a look at how they responded to give you a few ideas of how you may be able to provide value and build relationships with RDs.

During this time, how do you want to connect with brands?

I’d like:

  • to try new products brands are offering – 88.9%
  • for brands to share coupon codes with me and my clients – 59.3%
  • to see tools, resources, research, or content from the brand creates to help make my life easier – 59.3%
  • to connect through paid partnerships. – 87%
  • to share samples with clients in person or through the mail! – 72.2%
  • I’m not looking to connect with brands right now – 0%

Learn more about how we can help you connect with RDs through our case studies. To learn more about our RD Accelerator program, click the button below to schedule a time for us to connect.

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