Designer Protein: A first hand look at RD Partnerships

We sat down with Designer Protein CEO, Paul Pruett, to see the value Link has had on their company. 

Designer Protein’s diverse family of protein powders were built in Carlsbad, CA and have been for over 25 years. The Designer Whey brand pioneered the start of Designer Protein’s nutrition revolution. Today, its unparalleled heritage of innovation is stronger than ever. With the help from Link, they’ve managed to grow a stronger community. Hear what Paul had to say below. 

What you were hoping to accomplish from using Link? 

Designer Protein’s goal in becoming a Link brand partner was to expand our network of verified nutrition experts. Before Link the process was fragmented and inefficient. Link enables Designer Protein to now seamlessly connect with the appropriate expertise required for its various needs via one portal.

What were your goals for using Link or partnering with RDs?

Designer Protein is now better equipped with its deeper bench of Registered Dietitians to continue to educate its consumer base on how to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Designer Protein’s holistic objective is helping its customers on the path of wellbeing through creating a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Link provides the additional knowledge base and skill sets to complement our internal team members.

What has your experience been like on Link?

The Link community has been responsive, collaborative, and professional. Link allows Designer Protein’s marketing efforts to remain nimble as opportunities present themselves, as well as, enabling longer term planning, ie bi-weekly wellness blogs.

What has Link made possible for Designer Protein? 

Link has allowed Designer Protein’s team the liberties to spend less time on seeking nutrition experts in order for it to focus its efforts on various initiatives. The additional bandwidth that Link provides is an invaluable time-saver. The network is ever expanding which is comforting to know as Designer Protein too grows its business.

What advice do you have for others thinking of joining Link?

Be proactive.The RDs are there to help. They share your passion and drive to help consumers make better choices. Health and wellness is a lifelong journey. Designer Protein and the Link community members together can make a real meaningful difference in people’s lives.

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