FOR BRANDS: Are RDs right for my brand?

You may have heard of dietitians or nutritionists but you may feel a bit hesitant or unsure of exactly who they are, what they do, or how they could benefit your brand.

If done well, aligning your health-focused food brand with experts can be an extremely effective tool for building credibility and trust among your consumers. It can be an extremely effective brand marketing strategy to build community and earn authentic promotion from credible and trusted experts.

If you’re not sure of the full power of the RD or if they would be a good fit for your brand, read on.

What is a dietitian?

Simply put, a registered dietitian is a licensed and credentialed food and nutrition expert. A dietitian has met certain criteria to earn this nationally recognized credential.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A dietitian may also be called a nutritionist, however, a nutritionist is not a dietitian. The term “nutritionist” is unfortunately not a regulated title. Therefore, anyone can (and does) use this title (you can too if you wish!).

There are many qualified nutritionists with master’s degrees and even PhDs. But because this term is not regulated there are also self-taught “experts” or wellness influencers who may not have the credibility and expertise you are looking for but still use this title.

For nutritionist partnerships, consider taking a second look into the person’s education and messaging to ensure accuracy, especially if you are seeking brand credibility. You should be selective in who you choose to represent your brand!

Are RDs right for me and my brand?

The dietitian can be a powerful asset to any health-driven food brand.

For one, consumers trust healthcare professionals more than anyone, particularly now more than ever. As you know, 90% of consumer decisions are based on recommendations from someone they trust. Why not have that recommendation come from a trusted expert? Based on a survey from The International Food Information Council, we also know that 76% of consumers put trust specifically in registered dietitians.

But, there are a few things to consider to determine if dietitians are right for you.

1. Does your product, mission, ingredients, and nutrition facts panel align with nutrition experts?

You should feel confident that nutrition experts would feel aligned with your brand and feel comfortable recommending it. Do you have a health-driven mission or brand message? Do you use quality, nutritious ingredients and have a truly health nutrition facts panel? Do you cater to a specific dietary need or health-focused consumer?

Also consider…

2. Do you represent and believe in accurate, evidence-based nutrition information?

The Commission on Dietetic Registration requires dietitians to stay up to date on the latest news and research in the food and nutrition space. Dietitians aim to help people improve their health and nutrition rather than mislead them with false health claims. If you are more interested in pushing cool trends for optimal reach rather than accurate information, you may consider general wellness influencers instead.

Each dietitian can use their own clinical judgment and expertise to determine which types of products are best for their clients and audiences.

What Dietitians Can Do For You

Dietitians are the ultimate influencers. There’s a running joke in the field that when someone asks what you do to tell them something else! When a dietitian tells someone they’re a dietitian, they instantly hear all about how healthy or unhealthy the person eats. People shoot back with new products they’ve tried, foods they’re avoiding, the latest trends and diets they follow, and anything else related to food and nutrition.

Anyone and everyone in a dietitian’s life turns to them for trusted nutrition information. From patients and followers to friends and family and strangers on the street, everyone is seeking their opinion or watching what they eat. Dietitians have endless opportunities to talk about food and make recommendations each and every day.

Dietitians work in a variety of settings – think media, sports teams, schools, corporate offices, hospitals, gyms, functional medicine clinics, universities, grocery stores, and so much more. If you are interested in connecting with a health-conscious consumer, there is likely a way a dietitian can reach them.

Dietitians can offer your brand trust, credibility, and visibility. They can distribute your product among their clients, represent your brand on social media, get you featured in national media, create content and recipes for your site, offer advisory on product development and brand messaging, and much more.

What do you think, are dietitians right for your brand?

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