How to Gauge Success and Report on the Value of Dietitian Partnerships

KPIs, goal tracking, ROI reporting… anybody else sweating just thinking about reporting, metrics, and programming evaluation? 

A topic that is on the top of our brand partners’ (and probably your boss’s) minds is– you guessed it– VALUE. And not just value, but how to tangibly show the value of dietitian partnerships. 

Qualitative value is important, but there is just something about quantitative value that really seems to put everyone’s bosses at ease– yes, we see you and we’ve been there. There are many ways to track the performance of your RD partnerships that will help you backup your programming and help you optimize for future partnerships too. 

We originally wrote this article with our brand partners in mind, BUT if you are an RD, this article is relevant for you too! When working with brands it is essential to report back to your brand partners to showcase the success of your partnership. In this article, you can see what brands are looking for and what you can offer to track and report back on to be a more compelling partner!

Qualitative Value

Qualitative value can sometimes get overlooked or pushed to the side. But when we are talking about experts sharing credible advice, recommendations, and reaching an audience in a new and more impactful way, the qualitative value definitely plays a role that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

On the qualitative front, RDs are great for adding major points to your brand equity. The cache that RDs carry is essential for adding to your brand’s equity by credibly showcasing how your products stand out in quality and reliability for certain target audiences. 

RDs inherently bring value to your brand by providing your audience with expert nutrition advice, evaluation, and knowledge. They know how to reach and connect with consumers about products in ways that may not be evident or even seemingly viable to brands. 

Qualitative Metrics

  • Quotes – from RDs for PR purposes or from their audiences as testimonials
  • Expert Feedback – on ingredients, nutrition messaging, response from their customers and your target consumer 
  • Survey Results – from RDs or among their clients, can potentially pull into more qualitative metrics too
  • Retail Exposure – can potentially help with product placement, activations, sell in, and sales too 
  • Content – recipes, handouts, food photography, blog copy, etc. all backed with the RD credential
  • Consumer Insight– RDs have their finger on the pulse of various consumer audiences. Having direct access to their audience and experience working with your target consumer can help inform launch plans, messaging, ingredients, and more

Quantitative Value

We can hear you saying, “yes, yes, great, but what about the NUMBERS?!” Let’s dive in. 

The metrics you track will vary depending on the types of activations you choose to execute and pursue and the goals for each partnership. 

Quantitative metrics

  • Website or page views via utm codes and trackable links
  • Digital coupon code or paper coupon redemptions
  • IG Swipe-Ups
  • Products purchased
  • Viewership and Impressions (IGTV, stories, tv, blogs)
  • Retail placements
  • How many and which retailers you’ve connected with
  • Samples distributed
  • Consumers reached
  • Monthly product velocity 
  • Social media engagement
  • Follower count
  • RD impressions
  • Open rates and click rates

Coming Soon

Soon we will be launching NEW DASHBOARDS to help you better track and show the success and value of your RD outreach efforts and partnerships. Metrics like number of partnerships executed, number of RDs contacted, consumer impact, total investment, number of samples distributed, and more will all be coming soon! 

In the meantime, check out a few other blog posts we have on reaching your marketing goals with RDs and how to stand out in the better-for-you space!

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