FOR BRANDS: How to Strategically Utilize RDs to Help Grow Your Brand

You may see the benefit in aligning your brand with nutrition experts. It can help you to become a credible and trusted brand among consumers. But when it comes to figuring out how RDs can best support you and grow your brand, you may feel a bit stumped.

With any partnership, outreach, or sampling effort you try to be strategic for the best results. What is your goal for this partnership? What is the ideal outcome? In most cases, your goal will be to lead to product trial, brand awareness, drive traffic to local stores or e-commerce sites, educate or provide value to consumers, or drive sales. Like other marketing activations, RDs can help you reach these goals. Below you will find a few examples of how you can strategically utilize RDs to help you grow your brand.

Support Your Retailers

Partner with RDs in key markets to drive traffic to local stores. You can do this through:

  • Local RD hosted TV segments
  • Sharing product samples and materials with local RDs to share with clients (corporate wellness, retail, and private practice RDs are always looking for samples to share)
  • Partner with local RD influencers

Educate Consumers

Many of our brand partners enjoy working with RDs because they understand products right away. Without further explanation, RDs understand the health benefits, the carefully selected ingredients, and who the product would be the best fit for.

Partner with RDs to help educate specific lifestyle segments and shed light on common consumer questions. Whether your audience has questions on gluten-free, keto, sports nutrition, gut health, food allergies, etc. there is an RD that can help you educate them and showcase how your products can fit within their lifestyle.

Content Creation

Many RDs are foodies and creatives. Ask them to create healthy recipes using your product by seeking out paid partnerships or hosting a recipe contest. Many RDs offer food photography, videography, and writing services as well. Consider partnering with an RD on a guest blog post. Have them share content on your blog to give your brand credibility and provide value to your audience.

Brand Credibility

You want to be seen as a brand that consumers can trust. As a health-driven brand, partnering with an RD offers your brand credibility among health-conscious consumers. You become seen as “the brand nutritionists eat”.

Any way in which you choose to partner with an RD will offer your brand the credibility you are seeking. Consider partnerships with an RD as a brand spokesperson (media quotes, tv segments), a content creator, or as an influencer. Considering doing live Q&As or RD takeovers on your social media platforms and have them promote it across theirs as well.


Consumers want to relate with a brand and feel as though they can trust them. But with more and more wellness influencers, consumers no longer know who to trust or what to believe.

The good news is, 76% of consumers trust RDs. RDs are evidence-based. They offer the facts and share the truth rather than fads and hype. RDs can help you relate with your audience, share the facts, educate, and earn trust with your audience.

Product Trial

RDs reach many people both in-person and online. Share products and coupons with private practice, retail, and corporate wellness RDs. They are constantly looking for samples to share with clients!

Expand Your Reach

Health-driven brands and RDs audiences align. Partner with each other to reach more of your target consumer with your health message and products. Trying to reach more gluten-free dieters? Partner with a gut health, allergy specialist, or gluten-free RD.

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