For Brands: How to Work With RDs to Support Key Retailers

There are endless ways to work with RDs to add value to your brand. From adding credibility, to reaching new audiences, and driving brand awareness – the opportunities to scale are endless.

But when it comes to ROI  – you may be wondering, how can we drive sales, tie these partnerships to customer acquisition, or support our product in key retailers?

Luckily, Link allows you to be extremely targeted in your outreach to dietitians by helping you connect with the right RDs for your brand no matter what campaign you’re working on or however your goals evolve throughout the year. 

Use the filters in the Link RD database to filter through RDs by industry (retail, media, private practice, etc.), specialty (sports nutrition, plant based nutrition, etc.) , and location (key markets) to support your brand and current marketing initiatives. 

Your RD outreach should complement your bigger picture marketing strategy. (This was key to siggi’s highly successful and renowned RD ambassador program – learn more here).

To support key retailers, start on a local level and think how you can work with RDs to promote the retailer or drive traffic to a store. Here are a few more specific ideas:

  1. Send Marketing Kits & Ask for Partnership Ideas
    1. Send something they can share like beautifully crafted, “Instagram worthy” kits. Filter through, on Link, by location to target key markets and drive traffic to stores – message RDs and announce a new store location and ask them for ideas for partnership. They’re experts in the field of knowing what their customers want and need. Give them the big picture plot and let them roll out the details. 
  2. Work directly with in-house grocery store RDs
    1. Again, using Link to filter by industry (retail RD) to seek out partnerships with retailers or share samples in store. 
  3. Local Media
    1. There are lots of ways to put your brand in front of your target audience. Things like local tv segments, digital and physical ads – pursue media placements in local markets and ask for retailer callouts.
    2. We do have micro and macro influencers on Link- pursue partnerships. Instagram is a great way to generate customers and allow them to get creative with stories, posts, and reels. 
  4. Local Market Sampling
    1. Sending a PR box actually goes really far. It puts your product in the hands of someone who can share it with clients. Reach out to private practice RDs with coupons, samples, even recipes and let them know about the retailers they can find your products in.
  5. Position for leverage in sales meetings
    1. Many brands tell us that they’ve mentioned their RD network in sales meetings and it has a big sway with reps over other brands. Sales reps want to know how you’re going to support your product and when you have hundreds of experts backing and supporting it – it can be great leverage.

Remember, it’s key when reaching out to RDs to not ask for anything in return. Like any sales pitch, make it about them – not you. What value can you offer to them and their clients? This may be samples, coupons, handouts, education. Work together, because in the long run it’s super beneficial to you both.

Looking for more information on working with RDs? Check out our webinar with Jenna Amos, RD and former leader of siggi’s RD Program, here.  

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