What is a Link Opportunity?

Posting partnership opportunities for brands is a valuable yet underutilized Link feature.

The Opportunity feature allows RDs to post their upcoming availability and options for brand sponsorship and partnership.Opportunities not only make it easier for you to share details about your partnerships and showcase how you can work with brands but they also help you stand out on Link. 

Plus, brands can’t always tell what you have to offer just from your profile alone. The opportunities allow them to find unique and creative ways to reach consumers– through you! 

Why You Should Be Posting Opportunities…

Opportunities make it easier to stand out on Link! Many brands login to Link specifically looking for new ways to reach consumers. When they see your partnership opportunities in their dashboard you have yet another place brands can find you and seek you out for partnership. (Plus, we often share your specific opportunities in our brand facing newsletters!).

Posting an opportunity also helps you get crystal clear on your offerings and helps you position your unique value. Getting clear on your audience, details, and metrics, makes your partnership more compelling and more likely to get a YES from a brand. Brands are more likely to say yes to something that is already mapped out, then saying yes to something that is ambiguous and not fully thought out. 

Types of Opportunities to Post

A Link Opportunity is any way you can specifically work with a brand. Are you looking to share samples at an upcoming event, seeking sponsors for an upcoming tv spot, looking for partners for your course, or upcoming social media campaign, Diabetes Awareness Month, etc.

Here are a few ideas of types of opportunities you can post. The more specific you can be the better!

  • Podcast ads
  • Course sponsorship
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Swag Bag Items
  • Cooking demos
  • TV segments
  • Sampling requests
  • In-store retailer events
  • Cookbook Features
  • State Academy Sponsorships
  • Media Placements
  • Social Media Campaigns 

For more creative ideas for working with brands, check out these two posts on how to work with brands if you aren’t an influencer (here and here).

What to include

Including as much information as possible will help brands to better assess whether or not the opportunity is a good fit for them. 

  • Date, time, location
  • Target audience
  • Expected reach (how many attendees or how many average impressions)
  • Metrics that could be shared post partnership 
  • Applicable social handles
  • Sponsorship prospectus- if you are working with an event, conference, retailer, or other organization
  • Media kit- especially if you are pitching to work with brands on traditional or social media
  • Bonus points if the opportunity is specific to your niche! For example: if you have a lot of clients that are gluten free, maybe you have a few opportunities around Celiac Awareness Month

A Few Tips…

Lastly, a few tips to help you and your opportunities get noticed! 

  • Title your opportunities appropriately: clear and concise
  • Ensure you have a clear description with some additional details
  • Don’t sell yourself short! If you are offering this opportunity you must believe in it’s value– communicate it! 
  • Before you post an opportunity make sure your Link profile is complete, including a profile photo of yourself
  • After you post an opportunity, make sure to do some additional targeted outreach to brands that you think would be an exceptionally good fit! Check out our pitching tips here
  • When you reach out to brands, make sure you share why this particular opportunity is a good fit for the brand– a simple “hey check this out!” won’t yield the results you are looking for!

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