How to Build a Link Profile That Stands Out

Building a Link profile should be fun! This is your space to showcase your strengths, unique skill sets, and market yourself to brands. Get creative, this is where and how brands will get in touch with you. We’ve put together a list of things to consider and keep in mind.

  • Include no more than 3 specialties and industries – treat your profile somewhat like a resume. This is how brands will see a quick snapshot of who you are, what you specialize in, and what separates you from other RDs.  Keep it short and sweet but to the point! On this same note, share the things that you align most closely with. Brands invest in people that have similar values to them. Be relatable and specific- brands will reach out to you the more authentic you are. 
  • Link brands use filters to find specific types of RDs. They can filter by industry, specialty, and location – so keep in mind specifics that should be on your profile. For example, if they search for influencers are you actually an influencer? If they search plant based or sports nutrition – are you truly a plant based or sports nutrition expert? 
  • Mention how you like to work with brands in your description. Sharing your mission and interest on your profile will set you apart. It’s ok to position yourself to specific brands you want to work with – and watch, it could be the perfect partnership. 
  • Your bio doesn’t need to share education history, (although important!) brands can find that information elsewhere. Leave something to discuss once you meet. You’ve worked hard for your RD title, and brands know that. Share highlights and then reframe your experience at a later time, if they ask. Remember, you’re marketing yourself.  
  • Post specific opportunities and get creative – from tv appearances, podcast ads, sampling opportunities, even sponsorship opportunities. Some RDs even list general opportunities like social media content or recipe development or blog writing – this works too. It’s your space to pitch anything you are passionate about! Get creative and share the best parts of you! 

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