Link Success Stories From Our RD Community

Ever wonder what a Link success story looks like? Lucky for you (and us!), we have a community of RDs who have shared some awesome stories with us. From working with brands, to learning how to create a Link profile that will set you apart – we are sharing some stories straight from our community. 

“These connections via The RD Link have been great! I have connected with so many brands. We have tried so many new products at my house in the past 6 months (ranging from Ollipop, Territory Foods, Bob’s Red Mill and now Munk!)…The fact that I can try these items out at home with my family, then targeted friends and clients—I get so much feedback and can use the products with my clients as appropriate. It has been a great experience! Thanks for making these connections.” – Toni

“I was introduced to PRE through Link and it’s a match made in heaven. I am a self-described earth-minded flexitarian and I call out grass fed beef in my social media posts and recipes whenever possible and PRE is an awesome company selling grass fed beef! 

One of my favorite consulting projects this past year was developing 2 recipes for PRE which I performed LIVE during a facebook live they were hosting but also a cooking demonstration event with select media representatives. During these events we were also able to talk about the benefits of grassfed beef, the quality their company stands for, the convenience of their packaging, etc.

With the pandemic in mind, and people cooking more at home but still needing quick-to-fix and versatile types of recipes…I developed a Sheet Pan Beef Fajitas recipe and a 50% Plant Italian Meatball Recipe where the meatballs can be used for 5 different dishes based on what sauce you serve them with (and the meatballs can be frozen!)

I’m so grateful to be part of The RD Link network and to have made this connection with PRE. I love their products and it’s been a blast working on the various creative projects we have partnered on.”  – Elaine

“Since working with Link, I have felt more connected and confident reaching out to brands I’ve always wanted to work with. From working on my profile, to messaging brands, even being creative in how I pitch myself – I’ve been able to bring more quality products to my clients.”

“All Access Dietetics partnered with Forager Project twice through RD Link: for a giveaway and as a sponsor for the Study Snacks Cookbook!” – Hailey

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