Meet the RDs: Kelly Springer

Meet Kelly Springer! We love having Kelly as a LINK RD because of the variety of unique opportunities she offers to our brands.

Working in private practice, corporate wellness, and media, Kelly helps health-driven food companies reach consumers in a variety of ways. Kelly is a national spokesperson and reaches consumers with credible nutrition information nationwide. Below we ask Kelly more about her role as a dietitian as well as her advice for both brands and RDs that are looking to collaborate.

LINK brands can get to know Kelly and message her directly on LINK.

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get started as a dietitian and what do you do today?

I have been practicing in the field of dietetics for almost two decades. My passion for food and nutrition started while shadowing my aunt at the age of 17. I started working in the nutrition field by pushing food carts, working the tray line, and assisting the dietitians at Auburn Community Hospital.

I continued to work in the summers while studying nutrition at West Virginia University. I graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and was hired full time at the hospital. During the next two years, I continued to learn and started counseling bariatric patients while completing my Masters in Health Education at SUNY Cortland. 

Following my Masters’ graduation, I was approached by the Cornell Cooperative Extension to lead their Nutrition Education division for Cayuga County. As my career was climbing, I took a pause from working full-time to have two beautiful daughters. 

I eventually became the Head Dietitian at Wegmans Food Markets. Later, I decided to start my own business, Kelly’s Choice to spread education to the common person, and within workforces. Today, Kelly’s Choice has grown to a national wellness company providing workplace wellness services throughout the country. 

What is your mission as a dietitian? 

My mission is to empower individuals to invest in themselves and their overall wellness in pursuit of living their best lives.

What do you look for when choosing new products to buy or recommend?

I look for ingredients that I recognize. Real food, that’s it. 

Why did you originally want to start working with brands / why do work with brands today?

I originally wanted to start and continue to work with brands because my clients need real examples of foods that they can go to the store and buy and incorporate into the nutrition plan that we have set up together. I can tell my clients to eat whole grains, but offering a certain whole grain bread as an example makes it that much more realistic for clients to take my advice.

How did you start working with brands? (or what was your first brand partnership?)

My first brand partnership was with KIND. I was able to start working with brands after attending the Shopping for Health Conference. I met the marketing director from KIND and other media dietitians who encourage me to join the world of media dietitians. 

What are some of the more unique ways in which you’ve partnered with brands? 

I am unique in the way that I have the ability to reach consumers on a multitude of levels. Through our virtual platform, we are able to connect to consumers through worksite wellness. 

What advice do you have for other RDs who want to connect with brands? 

As soon as the food shows open back up, go to the food shows and network.

Do you have any advice for brands who want to connect with RDs? 

Always feel free to reach out. Dietitians are happy and love to work with food companies. It’s a win-win for both sides. There is a ton of synergy. 

Just for fun, what is your go-to snack?

Raspberries – I love raspberries! 

Learn more about Kelly through her website and connect with her directly and see her latest partnership opportunities on LINK.

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