FOR BRANDS: Let RDs Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals in 2021

We know how Q4 is – you’re wrapping up loose ends, prepping and pushing for holiday sales, and budgeting and planning for the coming year. Before you know it, the holidays are here and we’re all looking for a clean start and getting ready to hit the ground running come January!

While you are planning for the upcoming year, many of your marketing goals will probably fall into one of these categories – product trial, brand awareness, key market and retailer support, and, of course, sales. While the numbers may change year to year, the vision remains the same – it’s all about growth, baby!

And as you know, what got you here won’t get you there, so what are you planning to do differently in 2021?

As a health-driven CPG brand, one of the best ways to reach and support your bigger picture marketing goals is through dietitian outreach. Since your products have a health focus, your brand needs the support and credibility of true nutrition experts.

Add an RD credential behind any quote or piece of content and your trust and value among consumers skyrockets (Seriously– Consumers’ trust of RD’s is higher than almost all other sources.)

Dietitian outreach should complement your overall marketing strategy, not be completely independent. Below we’ll outline how an RD program can integrate into your larger vision.

Goal: Product Trial

In the age of a global pandemic when events and trade shows are cancelled, many dietitians are still seeking samples and are eager to share with consumers. Dietitians connect with health-conscious consumers all day everyday – whether in person or online. They’re doing giveaways, health challenges, cooking demos, in-store sampling, and more.

RDs to help: For product trial, connect with corporate wellness, retail, clinical, private practice, or sport team RDs.

Improving Brand Awareness

Dietitians attract your target audience so brand awareness among this group is essential. Be generous with coupons and samples, the more you share they more likely they’ll share too – send extra! Also consider paid partnerships with RDs who have a large reach among your target audience whether in-person or online. Consider podcast ads, RD presentations and conferences, virtual cooking demos, influencer partnerships, and more. Keep in mind that some dietitians may not focus on Instagram yet may have a large presence in their local communities, private practice, or other outlets. The RDs don’t have to be a social media influencer to have major influence! The key is to be open to creative opportunities for exposure.

RDs to help: To improve brand awareness consider RD influencer partnerships, RDs with large private practices, or RDs with unique opportunities (like presentations or courses).

Earning Credibility and Trust

No matter how you partner with a dietitian, they will help boost your credibility and improve trust among your consumer.

One way to do this is by featuring RDs on your own platforms to add value and improve trust among your audience. Consider sharing RD interviews on social media and blog posts, RD guest posts, RD social media takeovers, or Q&As with RDs on various nutrition topics. You may also consider consulting with a dietitian for R&D, recipe development, or to better understand your target market – they are experts in lifestyle segments (plant-based eaters, gluten free diets, athletes, kids, etc.).

RDs to help: Any! Focus on those RDs with specialties that align with your brand and target consumer.

Support Retailers & Key Markets

Connect with retail dietitians. Not only do they work with consumers in store, but they often manage the store’s nutrition communications (both in store and digitally—hello social media!) and are also involved in their local communities.

You may also consider RDs who live and work in your key markets. Consider sending marketing kits to private practice or influencer RDs or pursue local broadcast segments. Ask them to refer their audiences to a key retailer.

RDs to help: Connect with media, private practice, and retail RDs.

Did you know LINK users can filter through our RD database by location to find RDs to support their key markets? There are always local TV segments listed on LINK too!


As you know, building your brand is part of driving sales long term. Working with dietitians will help you build your brand and stand out in the better-for-you space. The key is to focus on quality relationships and partnerships and provide as much value to them as they do to you!

The sales will undoubtedly follow. Consider incorporating affiliate links, a trackable discount or coupon codes to track direct sales from your RD partnerships.

Alright. Now, picture this: It’s this time next year. You’re sitting down with your team to evaluate your brand’s performance against your marketing KPIs for 2021 (yes—we are finally out of 2020!). Have you reached your marketing goals? Did you form long-term credible partnerships that keep positively contributing to your brand months after the partnership terms have been fulfilled? Do your consumers trust your brand more than ever before? Did your product get in the hands of your target audience? Was this coupled with credible endorsements from the most trusted sources?

If you wanted to confidently answer YES! to any of these questions above or want a new, proven, and credible way to check off each marketing goal, then it may be time to add RDs into your marketing plan to lay the groundwork for checking all the boxes for 2021!

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