What to expect as an RD on Link

New to Link? Been here a while? Well, we’re happy you’re here! Link was created to provide a smoother way for RDs to collaborate with brands, we know firsthand just how tricky it can be. 

Curious what to expect once your profile goes live and you’re approved onto the site? Check it out below:

1. You’re in! Once you login to Link it’s time to curate your profile so it speaks best to you and your business. We go into depth on that here. It’s your space, have some fun with it! 

2. Take a look around. Get to know the layout of Link a bit! Look around at brand profiles or filter through by dietary tags to find the best fits for your expertise and audience. Poke around their profiles and social media handles to do your due diligence to make sure it’s a good match. Pro tip: If you see a brand you want to come back to later click the heart icon to save them to your favorites.

3. You’re acquainted. Now you know the site, the brands you want to work with, and your profile is all set. It’s time to get the ball rolling and start thinking about how you partner and provide value to the brands – whether through paid partnerships or sharing samples with your clients and audience. No ideas are off the table, get creative! Take a look at your content calendar, current client offerings, upcoming food holidays, events, and more – how could a brand get involved? Getting clear on your offerings will take some work off of their plate, and they will always remember you! 

4. Let’s post it! Create opportunities/events for brands. When you get creative and offer specifics it helps make it easy for the brand to make a quick decision. When you post your own opportunities you lay out the details, are visible in another location, and you decide on price point, timeline, and deliverables. We’d say it’s worth putting those ideas out there, wouldn’t you? 

5. Check in and stay active. The more you’re seen on Link the more familiar you will be to brands. Don’t be a stranger. Log in on a weekly basis, check out what’s new and check out what brands are saying. Networking takes time! Be consistent. Follow up. 

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