About Us

Founded by registered dietitian (RD), Jenna Gorham, GCG serves as a behind the scenes consultant representing your brand among the RD community and more. With experience on both the brand side and nutrition expert side, we understand how to effectively communicate your brand message to nutrition professionals.

Jenna Gorham, RD, LN

We use a down to earth, strategic approach to offer low cost food marketing strategies for your health focused food or beverage brand. We consult with healthy food brands to make an impact on your business and get seen in the RD space.

Show your clients you value nutrition as much as they do with the expertise and credibility of registered dietitians.

Our Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy:

Rather than fad diets and supplement drinks, we believe in evidence based nutrition science and lasting healthy lifestyle habits.

We believe good health can be accessible to all, foods come first over supplements, and eating should be balanced, simple, and fun.

Good health is something to prioritize but nothing to stress (or obsess) over. We believe in real, whole food ingredients, a non diet mentality, and an overall healthy balance.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

A registered dietitian is the only credentialed nutrition professional. Registered Dietitians must complete a bachelor’s degree (soon a master’s too), a year long supervised practice internship, sit for the national exam, and stay up to date on the latest nutrition information by completing continuing education credits.

While dietitians are also nutritionists, nutritionists are not dietitians. The title ‘nutritionist’ is not regulated and anyone can use this term. While there are some qualified and respected “nutritionists,” because this term is not regulated, we cannot vouch for these individuals and therefore focus our outreach efforts and fill our database with credentialed registered dietitians.

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