Increased visibility and acceptability of a newer product, particularly among nutrition experts and social media. Successfully developed a community of nutrition experts around the brand, earning the brand authentic promotion nationwide

Manitoba Milling Company

Challenge: At the time we started working together, Manitoba Milling Co. was a newer company, launching a new product, and had limited distribution. The goal of our partnership was to increase visibility among registered dietitians and consumers, build a community around the brand, create informational content on nutrition properties and how to use the product, and earn authentic promotion and brand credibility.

Solution: GCG built a dietitian ambassador, content creation, and social media program to engage with consumers and credentialed nutrition experts to share the product, and increase visibility and acceptability. The program entails multiple campaigns throughout the year to engage with the RDs and stay front of mind for product recommendation as well as blog, recipe, and social media management.

Results: According to WordPress Insights, our social media pages are the number one referral source to the and 5 of the top 10 most viewed webpages are our nutrition related blog posts. Our dietitian newsletter has a 40-80% open rate with an actively engaged community of ~150 registered dietitians. We are well known among the dietitian community and continue to actively engage with the group to expand our presence.

Praise: Working with Jenna has been one of the best decisions our company has made. She has helped us create a top-notch, responsive social media presence, and her outreach to dietitians has been key in introducing our flaxseed products to consumers and retailers alike. Jenna’s passion for food and nutrition make her a great asset to our team. We are thrilled with the work she has done and could not recommend her more.

– Julie Faber, Co-Founder, Manitoba Milling Co.

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