Effectively connected Seven Sundays Muesli with 50 nutrition experts in key markets to support retail distribution.

Seven Sundays Muesli

Challenge: Increase visibility in key markets to support new retail distribution.

Seven Sundays came to us as they were increasing distribution in a few key markets. The challenge was to increase visibility and acceptability in the target markets to increase exposure and drive sales to support new retail locations.

Solution: We focused on connecting with dietitians in media and those with an Instagram presence (both micro and macro influencers). We shared marketing kits and product with influential dietitians in key cities to support the new retail distribution.

Results: This campaign connected the brand with 46 influential nutrition experts. While social media posts were not required for this campaign, many dietitians posted authentic messages across social media. GCG placed Seven Sundays Muesli on 3 dietitian hosted tv segments, 1 in each key city to drive sales in the new target markets. Seven Sundays built lasting relationships with key dietitians and has since pursued additional segments and partnership opportunities with the connections. Seven Sundays values RD partnerships because they ‘seem to just get it.’ Dietitians understand the basic properties, uses, and nutritional benefits of foods and relay it to their audiences in an easy to understand fashion.

Praise: We love working with Jenna! She is insanely organized, professional, well connected and respected. Gorham Consulting is one of the very few outside marketing firms we have used that gets it immediately and will make the most of your precious marketing dollars.

– Hannah Barnstable, Founder, Seven Sundays Muesli

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