Successfully helped to increase brand visibility through active engagement and strategic partnerships to become a recognized and sought after brand in the RD space.

Simple Mills

Challenge: At the time we began working with Simple Mills they had just begun to create their community for dietitians. The program had low engagement and membership. The goal of our partnership was to connect with more dietitians, improve organization and strategy, and get seen in the RD space.

Solution: As dietitians, we understand how to effectively communicate with RDs. We provide Simple Mills with ongoing communication, outreach strategy, personal connections, product placement, and present and manage unique sponsorship opportunities catered to Simple Mills’ goals and target audience.

Results: Simple Mills went from having a small presence in the RD space to being a well known and respected brand among dietitians. Dietitians seek Simple Mills out for partnerships and to share samples with their clients, they actively engage with the brand in the RD Facebook group, and they organically promote the product both in person and online. The Simple Mills RD program has grown exponentially and we are excited to continue to pursue other unique opportunities in the RD space.

Praise: Jenna is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, personable, and always over delivers! She is quick to answer questions, always up for new challenges, and is a great sounding board. We absolutely love working with her!

– Austin Masuoka, Senior Marketing Manager, Simple Mills

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