How to Incorporate RDs into your Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Incorporate RDs into your Influencer Marketing Strategy

No matter which social media platforms you focus on, influencers likely play a role in your marketing strategy.

Many companies first envision their RD outreach as a sampling program among private practice RDs, clinics, or retail RDs. While this is valuable to both the company and the RD, truthfully, it can only get you so far. When it comes to RDs, they offer a ton of value, and it really does pay to invest in strong RD partnerships.

Many brands start by keeping their RD program completely separate from the rest of their marketing efforts. But when you begin to fully integrate RDs with your bigger picture marketing projects, campaigns, and goals is when you really start to make progress, drive credibility, earn trust, and offer value to your customers too. 

So, how will an RD aid in your influencer marketing strategy? Simply put, it’s more effective. Many of our brand partners tell us that an RD recommendation is worth 7x that of a general influencer (their words not ours!).

Most RDs act as micro influencers, small but mighty. Depending on your definition, a micro influencer has anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers on Instagram but they often have a much more engaged community. With their credential and background they offer an added level of trust with their audience that you won’t get from the general health and wellness influencer. It’s not surprising how often brands tell us how much they prefer to have RDs speak to the health benefits of their products. There is a place for general influencers but our brands are regularly impressed by the expertise of RDs and how they “just get it”. 

How can you get started with RDinfluencers? Start small by working with one or two RDs to get a feel for how they speak to your product and what they notice about the nutrition.. Through your Link account you can filter through the RD Database (800+ RDs) by industry, specialty, and location to find the best RD partners for your brand or current campaign. Looking for a plant based RD? A dietitian who is also a mom? A dietitian to drive traffic to Kroger? You Can find them on Link. 

From there, continue the relationship. Invite them to your RD community, continue to provide value and reach out to them for future campaigns and expert support.Not sure how to harness a community of RDs? We sat down with Jenna Amos who previously worked for siggi’s and ran and grew the most well-known RD program. To hear, first hand, how companies are incorporating RDs into their daily marketing spend, take a listen here. Reach out to us with questions or sign in to get started today.  Looking for more hands-on help with your RD programming? Reach out to us at hello@therdlink.com to learn more about our consulting packages.

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